The Seed Empire

The empire of all races that ruled over all of Rodinia during The Era of Light

The Seed Empire was a democracy run by a ruling council of elders that was headed by an emperor who was democratically elected every 10 years. Although records from the time are few stories tell that emperors who had reached the end of their reign sacrificed themselves to the gods, as proof of their peoples continued devotion and giving thanks for their prosperous reign.

The empire was very effective at colonizing even the deepest wilderness. This allowed its highly effective and highly trained military to keep order every where, driving many monsters out of Rodinia or to the brink of extinction. It was also extremely industrious, with large properly run farming operations, busy productive cities, and universities making tremendous leaps forward in technology and magical research. Evidence of it still lasts today in the form of Seed Ruins. The empire had its own currency, and spoke a language similar to supernal (possible a sub dialect).

The Seed Empire came to an end with a civil conflict called The Seed War … it is unclear how it began. But it caused the races to become hostile and suspicious of each other, and to fracture into separate nations.

The Seed Empire

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