The Eralian Empire

A newly formed and prosperous empire formed in the lands of Eralnor. The empire was formed out of The Shattered States unifying and protecting Eralnor and ushering in The Era of Dawn. Its standard is a tricolour of Yellow, Blue, Red.

The empire was founded by the 3 most powerful families of The Shattered States; House Vorl who were situated in Nordfel, House Merzetti who called The Daleif Glades home, and House Romasch who were prosperous across both Crestfall and Sandskirt. The formation of the empire completed the displacement of the native human tribesmen of Eralnor.

As the largest and most populous house House Romasch put the first emperor, Emperor Sangus, on the throne to rule the empire. But on forming of the empire The Crestfall Treaty was agreed guaranteeing that as each emperor died the next house (in order of size) would elect an heir to take the throne. So the running of the empire was shared between the three houses. When Sangus died of illness, Emperor Fenrick of House Vorl took the throne. And when he was killed tragically in The Red War, Emperor Varenzith of House Merzetti, took the throne. The houses maintain some regional control in their home regions, but ultimately must abide by and answer to the emperor. The exception to this is Crestfall which, containing the capital city of Cresthold, is supposed to remain neutral of house allegiance and be solely run by the emperor, however many believe House Romasch with its history in Crestfall still holds most of the sway here.

As a nation Emperor Varenziths Eralnor is highly cultured and cosmopolitan. Unlike his predecessor Emperor Varenzith welcomed immigration and encouraged equal rights for all races, ensuring a healthy population of prosperous Halflings, Dwarves, Elves, Half Elves, Dragonborn, Tieflings, and even some Eladrin. However the vast majority of the population is still human. The great variety has lead to a cultural renaissance of sorts with Elven art and Dwarven crafts bolstering Eralnor.

The Eralian Empire

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