The Daleif Glades

The Daleif Glades are the home of House Merzetti and are situated in the east of Eralnor bordering The Eastern Forests. Any land in Eralnor east of Cresthold, south of The Frostflow, and north of The Dust Foothills is generally considered to be a part of the glades.

The area is largely peaceful grasslands, dotted with small woods and streams flowing north towards The Frostflow. Its people favour culture and art over war and productivity, and value intellectualism highly. The area is also popular with many of Eralnors halflings, and due to its close boarder with the forest has a higher the usual elven population. The cities of the area are home to the greatest universities in The Eralian Empire, and magical study is common place.

The regions capital is the city of Everlight.

Religiously speaking the area favours Correlon and Ioun.

The Daleif Glades

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