The southern most region of Eralnor Sandskirt represents the area south of The Dust Foothills and is the official home of House Romasch. It is the warmest region of The Eralian Empire and its landscapes are made up of warm, dry, plains. The region borders The Burnt Wastes which can make life dangerous, especially for those close to the boarder, with packs of orcs and other monsters routinely trying to raid the area now that Fenricks Wall has fallen into disrepair. In the far south eastern corner of the region Fort Solari marks the furthest point of The Eralian Empires territory. The regions capital Ralindor sits towards the north of the region and is a busy center of trade.

The people of Sandskirt are friendly and hardworking, as well as being realists centered on survival; they are keen to help others but are always on the look out for themselves. The region is mostly humans but also has the highest tiefling and dragonborn population of the empire. The region has strong trade connections both with the rest of the region, the elves to the north east, and Mercina to the south, meaning many of the empires merchants makes their home here. The combination of rich flourishing traders, and danger from the nearby wastes, also means the region is filled with prosperous mercenaries; collectively forming the famous mercenary Army of House Romasch.

Religiously speaking the region is the most secular of the empire, however temples to Avandra are still reasonably common.

Settlements of note:


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