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A summary of history

An era ago the land of Rodinia was unified by The Seed Empire, a democratic empire of all races that kept order across the entire continent. The empire was prosperous and its ruling council lead by a benevolent elected emperor ruled for many centuries. This time was known as The Era of Light, the records show little from this time.

However, it was not to last. The Seed War came, and the empire fractured. No one is sure what caused the war, some say a cunning devil or dragon deceived the empires leaders into suspicion against each other, others say that such power and prosperity was bound to corrupt sooner or later. What ever the cause though the war made the races of Rodinia suspicious of each other and aggressive. At the wars end no one army had proven itself strong enough to rule all, so the lands separated into different kingdoms, the Dwarves took the mountains to the north, the Elves the lands to the east, and the Human lords and (the then slaves) halflings divided the lands of the South and the West amongst them. This was the start of The Era of Darkness. The chaos caused by war and division of Rodinias peoples gave evil creatures the opportunity to creep back into the world; orcs, demons, giants, goblins, and other evil beings thrived again, and took back the wilderness.

In the south east the dragonborn established a series of city states which caused a conflict with the a human lord of a new kingdom who had claimed the land. In order to take it back from the dragonborn he made a powerful infernal pact; and thus the tieflings were born. Neither side could overcome the other, and eventually both war ravaged and weakened kingdoms were over come by an orcish horde and local barbarians. Both societies fractured and dissolved into surrounding human lands; the lands that once composed their kingdoms becoming The Burnt Wastes.

In the west lied an area of land called Eralnor, the land was highly hospitable, very arable, framed in a way that made it easy to defend, and contained several important resources. It was inhabited by a variety of human lords and their peoples, these small kingdoms are in history referred to as The Shattered States. However the valuable lands made it attractive to many more nefarious peoples. Its kingdoms were frequently raided by fellow human kingdoms and barbarians to the south, orc hordes, demons, and other opportunistic forces. Frequently as well the elves and dwarves would have to step in and annex its lands to stop them falling into the hands of dark forces that could benefit from its rich resources. Eventually the three most powerful lords of the area, formed an alliance and united all of Eralnor as The Eralian Empire, and secured their lands protecting them against all. The halflings became a free people, a treaty was put in place where each of the families of the founding lords took a turn to put an heir on the throne, and vague and tenuous alliances began to form again with the dwarves and elves as well as neighbouring humans. This forming of The Eralian Empire 200 years ago marked the start of the current era, The Era of Dawn, a new beginning comes, for better or worse.

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