Crestfall is the western region of The Eralian Empire and arguably the most prosperous. It is home to most of Eralnors very successful farms, and its coast holds the empires biggest and busiest ports including the largest; the city of Sanghaven. The regions capital, and also the nations capital, and seat of the emperor, is Cresthold in the far east of the region. As a region anything south of The Frostflow, north of The Dust Foothills, and west of (and including) Cresthold is considered part of Crestfall. Politically the region remains neutral under direct control of the emperor himself (a fact Crestfallians or “Cresties” are very proud of). However due to its history the area is biased in favour of House Romasch and much of it is controlled by them. The founder of the empire himself, Emperor Sangus, came from Crestfall, from the city then named Nautimes which was renamed Sanghaven in his honor.

The region itself is mostly flat grasslands, almost entirely covered by farms but occasionally interspersed with small hills and woods. As a people the denizen of Crestfall are proud, hard working, and jovial (but very busy). Its ports and proximity to the capital insure a cosmopolitan population and the area is popular with the nations halflings (though less so then the glades).

With regards to religion the regions temples are often built to Pelor or Erathis but also occasionally Melora.

Other notable towns:

Note: As the campaigns starting area the name of this region is a deliberate tribute to “Fallcrest” from the starting adventure in the DMG


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